With over 88 years of experience,
WTF has the knowledge it takes to be your trusted gunsmith.


Getting trained so that you know how to handle your new firearm is really important.  We offer NRA Basic Pistol Courses on Thursdays (5:00PM-6:30PM) and Fridays (6:30PM-8:00PM) and USCCA Concealed Carry Courses on Thursday (6:30PM-8:00PM) and Fridays (5:00PM-6:30PM)

Worthy Treasures & Firearms

Loving your antiques and firearms can come with a brutal price.  Wear, tear and aging can be tanking a toll on your favorite revolver or family heirloom.  Look no further than Worthy Treasures & Firearms.

Even though WTF is a new company started in 2017, it has roots that have been running deep in coating, plating & restorations for 88 years.  The Franke family has owned Franke Plating Works in Fort Wayne, IN since 1930 and have worked with a multitude of different industries.

To better accommodate the general public and their needs to restore their family heirlooms, Warren Franke decided it was best to start WTF and showcase personal pieces rather than the industrial products that FPW specializes in. Read More…